As We Know It


The Starship Descry has launched into space holding humanities finest onboard. Earth has been deemed inhabitable, and the search for a new home planet has begun. Will humanity fall into the same patterns of self-destruction? Or will we learn from our past corruptions. The Elite have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo, while Peryl Starlight and Mira Dawn join forces as the Unmarked fight for a better way of life, as we know it.  

With Little Means

We all have dreams when we are young, but how many of us follow through with them? How many people take the chance and risk it all to follow their dreams? Not many. For most of us, life just seems to get in the way. But what if you had a second chance at it, would you take it? A new reality show called Remarkable, uses advanced memory-based technology to give everyday people an opportunity to tell their story and relive their dreams. We follow Rai Starr, as he struggles with the decision to give up his family life, for a second chance at rock stardom.

The Kingdom of Grape

The Kingdom of Grape is a classic fairy tale and the perfect first chapter book for young readers. Set in the middle ages, a common messenger boy named Donnie Drake, has fallen in love with the beautiful Princess Jane Grape. Her father, King Earl Grape, has arranged for Jane to marry the ruthless Duke the Red. Not only does Jane not love him, she despises him. It is up to Donnie Drake to become a hero and rescue his true love from the evil Duke. The Kingdom of Grape takes you on an unforgettable journey filled with miracle healers, ancient magic and a poisonous prince.

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